Friday, March 23, 2007

For infoclober MY FRENCH TEACHER

I was in french class one day when i noticed that my french teacher (Ms Martin) had a very short skirt on .
I didnt fancy her at all until i saw the sexiest legs in the universe.Then i fell in love with her.
She didnt wear a skirt for the next 3 months,until on the last day she came in with a long skirt on.
I was really pissed off until i noticed that it had a slit on both sides going to her thighs.
I was able to see under her desk.So naturally i was staring when she looked at me.I started to go red (probably) but she didnt say anything she just closed her legs.
I didnt do my homework so she put me on detention.I was the only one.
Ib sat in my usual desk near the front and i coulnt resist staring yet again between her beautiful slender stems.
She looked up again and stared back at me all the while moving her legs further apart.
What i saw then was my first pussy completely bare,but dripping and open wide.
She move a hand down o her pantiless crotch and started masturbating.
Needlesss to sayi was hard as a rock and pretty fuckin wet myself.She got out of her chair and dragged her whole desk down to mine.She told me to sit up on the desk,i co-operated completely.She sat down in my desk which was slightly lower than her own.She slowly
unzipped my school trousers and tore my cheap boxers away.She gently ran her tongue along the tip of my cock,i was just about ready to erupt and she took all of me in her mouth,after two seconds i let loose with a truckload.She swallowed every drop. <>
Then she got back up on her desk and told me to get back into mine
Then she lifted up her skirt and i dived in .She was so wet already i didnt need to do much to make her scream,she was hysterical,pulling my head into her,screaming as if she had a knife in her stomach.This was getting me hard again and i was really eager to fuck her.infoclober
i stopped and asked her would she let me inside her,without a single word,she grabbed my cock and plunged it inside her while i ripped off her blouse.She had no bra .I was sliding in and out like an animal whil sucking and biting her nipples.Again she was emiting deathly screams as i felt liquid pouring from her delicious cunt <>
We got up off the desk as we fell against a wall ,she wrapped her legs around me as we shagged .I was cumming again and told her so ,as she pulled me out of her and took me in her mouth,this was too much i let loose with such a load that she couldnt swallow this one.I collapsed with pleasure and made my way to her cunt again ,but thats another story.
We had all night because the cleaners had gone and locked us in.

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