Sunday, November 2, 2008

infoclober Optimize HDTV => Brightness talks

Optimize HDTV
What it is: Also called black level, brightness actually adjusts how dark the black sections of the picture appear.
What it does: Excessive brightness can result in a two-dimensional, washed-out look with reduced color saturation. Images with brightness set too low lose detail in shadows, and distinctions between dark areas disappear in pools of black.
How to set it: Turn up the brightness to full, then reduce until just at the point you notice a loss of shadow detail - for example, when people's eyes disappear into the depths under their brows, then you've set brightness too low. infoclober Sewa Plasma Jakarta bandung
Some plasma, LCD, DLP, and LCoS TVs won't ever look black, so you'll need a setup disc to properly configure their brightness.

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